Step 1:  Application & Contract

  1. Application and fee is sent to the Indiana Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission.
  2. Candidate Agency selects Accreditation Manager to oversee the program.
  3. Contract sent to the agency along with invoice for first installment.
  4. Accreditation Manager receives appropriate training as provided by ILEAC / InPAC.


Step 2:  Self Assessment

  1. Thorough examination of existing policies and procedures.
  2. In-house system developed to collect information regarding compliance with standards.
  3. Prepare forms and collect proofs of compliance for each standard.
  4. Conducts a mock assessment (optional).
  5. Prepares for 2 day on-site assessment by ILEAC Assessors.


Step 3:  On-site Assessment

  1. Agency contacts ILEAC to request the on-site assessment.
  2. ILEAC selects assessors from an available pool to conduct the on-site assessment.
  3. ILEAC makes all lodging and per diem arrangements for the assessment team (if applicable).
  4. Assessors review all standards and verify the agency’s compliance with those standards through file review, interview, observation, etc.
  5. The assessment team participates in a telephone session for public input on the agency’s ability to comply with accreditation standards.
  6. The assessment team provides ILEAC with a formal written report regarding their findings during the on-site.
  7. The candidate agency is provided a copy of the final report from ILEAC.
  8. Assessor Team approves or denies accreditation request.


Step 4: Maintaining Compliance

  1. Accreditation is for a period of 3 years.
  2. Agencies who find themselves in non-compliance with a particular standard(s) should contact ILEAC immediately.
  3. Agencies must continue to comply with established standards and collect proofs of compliance for file building and future re-accreditation on-sites.
  4. The accredited agency conducts a self-assessment at the end of the three year period and enters re-recognition request.